Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The god say to all people

And indeed We created man from a quintessence (of clay).Then We placed him as semen (stored) in a sturdy (womb).Then the semen that we have made a wad of blood and blood clod We made a lump of flesh, and that We made a lump of flesh bones, then bones that we wrap it with meat. Then We made him a creature (shape) the other. Then cleansed God Almighty, Creator of the Best. (Letter al-Mu'minin verses 12-14)or friends who are not Muslim, I apologize if anyone was offended by writings, because this paper is indeed the reality of Almighty God, in his book that scaled back to the prophet Muhammad. I put this post so that all existing human on earth to know if basic human creation that already exists in the book of god in the past year. whereas the prophet Muhammad's time had never been taught about biology lesson or other lessons. Prophet Muhammad also can not read and write at that time, he could only accept what has been revealed by God through scripture.

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iman Qidiess said...

hihihi walau kagak ngerti .. tapi cuma mau bilang semoga sukses kawan ^^

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