Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Tour in lombok

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahhi wabarokatuh.
There are some traditions on the island of Lombok in particular, persean (martial dexterity penalty using a cane and is equipped with a shield prisai or Sasak people call it by name ende) this tradition is often done when the party of the people of baunyale. This Baunyale nothing except on the island of Lombok. And all the people of the island of Lombok fun if the time has arrived. All the schools were closed for an office or employment with the advent baunyale. Baunyale very well known by tourists who arrive to find a wonderful atmosphere. Not forgetting also the atmosphere of the sea, so beautiful and soothing the eyes of our hearts, this is the life and happiness. So I suggest to the island of Lombok, visitor gods do not forget us, because it was he who created the island of Lombok is so beautiful and cool with blue skies and wind waves are enough to be enjoyed. Sea or shore of Lombok island is very well known by visitors overseas is Senggigi beach and Kuta beach. But still others such as co banya, heaven, sea, beach dilombok pelanet existing east. in lombok middle cumin enough so its logo is a beach of Kuta and dams batujai. This dam is not wrong if Mr. Suharto's legacy, do not forget also the mega contributor who never let go of the gold fish fries. This dam if category like quite a beautiful lake, and there beside the field where visitors sit back golf enjoy beautiful lake. Ok we are back to tour over the baths, such as joben, Narmada, benangstukel, aiq bukaq. In this bathhouse we will enjoy the chill of natural water falls from the top of the mountain.Bathing is a very busy Saturday night or day if the week, too diamond. Lombok island residents will find pleasure in all the tourist-attraction in Lombok east, central west, north.

Okay we moved again to the north of Lombok which is very famous for its lakes immediate problem child is above the top of the mountain Rinjani. Rinjani mountain above the lake there are many fish . and  the most cool is to enjoy the coolness of the lake water boy blue ocean, white, red. Segara this child ever be included in the logo of 5000 money in 1989. Perhaps this but do not forget tourism tours any more, terawangan  gili,  Manuk gili, earthen water. Here, all men would be hard to remember because the environment make god forgot.
Nb.if there is something wrong I apologize profusely

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